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Subspace Computing With Inbuilt Web

Just imagine it for a moment. The advent of quantum computing and what that really means. Two particles aware of and connected to each other with a kind of bouncy multi- dimensional celestial web. What we're really looking at is the ability to have a CPU that could have many different components in many different locations, each reflecting what the other does or acting as independent components.

They will be capable of faster than light communication and if much of quantum theory turns out to be correct you could just construct your platform here on earth and have mirror constructions using connected particles looking after themselves in remote spatial locations.

Quantum theory also implies that these machines may not work correctly without a conscious observer. If we ever design and make one of these computers maybe it would be best that they don't work on their own, at least not at first. We may come to a point when we reach a certain level of maturity in evolution. Right now we are still at the level of banging rocks together even if it is at light speed.

You then end up with a way of collecting data from far flung regions of the universe or more locally in our own galaxy or solar system. No probes no space craft, at least not if you want to quickly collect data from the chilly methane (and possibly water) seas of Europa. Very handy for learning about any physical or chemical challenges before trying to send a manned mission into unknown territory.

What we're talking about here is a kind of real sub space communication, a way of tapping the web that may just lay one or two levels removed from the frequency spectrum of our senses and indeed our extended senses (meaning instrumentation). Perhaps we’ll find a whole new everywhere kind of frequency bed. This bed would need very little energy to vibrate in sequences of ones and zeros assuming we’re still restricted to those.

How would the cross over point work? There would have to be some kind of intermediary between the large physical pre input process and the slightly removed quantum aspect of information organization and data processing/gathering function required on the micro levels where the very solid matter that we interact with becomes wispy and then non tangible.

This is where we’d have special molecular bots (nano becomes a tiring word if over used) working as the interface between solid and wispy matter, able to pass through and feedback the relevant data. If any of the above is possible we would be faced with the prospect of as good as infinite computing power connected to a default universal networking system.

How would you pair up the particles required for the job?

Well as with so much of our technology already, it seems as though nature will have done all the hard work for us. All (big understatement) we will have to do is find the relevant particle on this side of the universe and then learn to find out where its counterpart lies.

A seemingly daunting task, but with a hefty dose of super computing power to hand it might, just might be possible. I also hope that if we can reach that level of maturity we'll find a way to ‘particle pair’ between a star that end and power grid this end. Devices could appear with their own ability to draw just the right amount of power for their needs from a star unimaginable distances away from us.

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