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Nanotech in the extreme

1. On the 18/9/08 it was reported that Penn State researchers in the USA have developed a method to cheaply copy the structures found on biological surface structures, meaning that we could be driving around in cars coloured in the matt black of a butterflys wing, or the metallic finish of some beatles.

2. 17/9/08 A breaktrough is reported by engineers and scientists in the development of a new carbon based material called graphene. This would allow us to double the electrical charge stored on todays ultra capacitors. Good news for the renewable energy sector.

3. 15/9/08 Nano-meter sized cargo ships (maybe they should be called cargo subs) have been developed that can sail through the blood stream and avoid detection by the body’s immune system. Then they can find their way to any undetected tumors and deliver the relevant medicines on site to combat them.

Anyway, my point is this: One day you could have a load of very mineral rich soil and then send in preprogramed nano bots and watch almost anything you want grow out of the ground, anything from a house brick to a circuit board. This would sideline the need for heavy industry and manufacturing.

The power, would come from other nano bots able to extract on demand, the power required from individual atoms. This would be a gentle process and would eliminate the need for bashing the hell out of nature to get our energy.

"And what of jobs and the economy"? I hear some cry. Well with such nano power extraction on demand, It would be possible to run to run out door heating at no cost to the planet and open up a new era of plenty, as far as feeding the world population is concerned. And, as for growing material goods, this would still need intense supervision by people. Are we ready yet?more information on nanatechnology


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